To portrait the 73 neighborhoods that make up the 10 districts of Barcelona and expand the betevé image bank with stock photographs for the daily use and communication needs of the medium.

To vindicate the beauty and interest of the everyday, of what is authentic, and to give importance to the small moments that build the closest reality.

I spend most of 2020 wandering around all the neighborhoods of Barcelona with the task of photographing the authentic side of the city.

For a long time the exaltation of a somewhat fake city has been encouraged, where the most iconic elements of the landscape were often the only protagonists. Now is the time to claim the beauty and the interest of the everyday, of what is authentic. To look at the little things, the little moments that construct the closest representation to reality. Realize that the imperfect city — the real one, the everyday one — is, in itself, the more valuable.

Lidia Rebollar 2021 — Instagram