Rebels amb causa


To create a comunicative artifact capable of informing of an specific event. The artifact will be on the public space during three weeks and should be able to draw atention, inform and interact with the target.

Team: Anna Moragas, Itziar Perez, Lidia Rebollar, Laura Restrepo, Paula Ruiz


Moritz, the cultural rock’n’roll

The challenge was to portray Moritz (a Catalan beer) as cultural rock'n'roll by using public space for street marketing.

For this, we created the concept Rebel with a cause, a person with a social conscience and a strong critical view. We wanted Moritz to speak out to those rebels and ask them to express their support for the culture and arts the Moritz way.

Spreading provocative messages like “Art is useless” and “Design? Study something real” on giant layered posters and placing them in the streets of Barcelona, we invited people to rebel against these stereotypes. Once people rip out a sheet of this message, a new layer gets revealed, showing a different style of the poster and the Moritz pro-culture message on the back, finally delivered to the rebel who dared to take it out.

We then invite these people to enter the debate on social media by using the hashtag #rebelsambcausa. Moritz will then release their own manifest in favour of art and culture via social media.

Lidia Rebollar 2018 — Instagram