Formule maestro


Developing a new concept, naming, branding and visual universe for the next world tour of the Belgian singer Stromae.

*Project nominated to Elisava Professional Edition Awards 2017.

Team:  Nuria Pico, Itziar Perez, Lidia Rebollar, Paula Ruiz  
Photography:  Lidia Rebollar


The place where all disciplines come together.

Formule Maestro is a creative method based in the combination of diferent cultural and artistic areas allowing us to generate surprising results.

We propose a show that breaks with the typical format used by Stromae until now.
Joining Mosaert, we will combine disciplines like music, dance, scenography and fashion in a tour around theatres where every song will become a different and unique demonstration of the Formule Maestro.

Stromae x Mosaert | Concept from Lidia Rebollar on Vimeo.

The comunication strategy starts on Stromae’s website, where we will find an easy videogame with the idea of presenting the concept of the tour in a interactive and fun way to the fans.
The concept of Formule Maestro will be present during the whole tour, that will have a didactic and experimental feel, taking Stromae’s lessons as a referent. 

The merchandise will keep the same feel, taking a calculator and converting it to a game in which the diferent disciplines become part of the fun.

Lidia Rebollar 2018 — Instagram